How Nutrition Is Helpful In Normal Functioning Of Brain.


We often tend to think of fat as the big taboo when it comes to nutrition. The fact is however that, although we need to be weary of certain kinds, fats are essential building blocks for healthy brains. This can be seen in the fact that almost two thirds of the weight of the human brain is made up out of fat! The two main functions that fats perform in the brain are: Our falsifying beliefs about fats keep us ignorant. We presume that fats are not fit for nutrition but the reality is different. No doubt some fats are not good for nutrition but not all are bad. We must know about good categories of fats which keep our brains healthy by developing blocks in them. Almost two thirds weight of human brains is due to fats. Two major roles which fats play in brain are as follows: Whenever we talk of nutrition, we keep fats aside due to false presumptions. But the reality is totally different. Some specific fats are mandatory for a balanced and healthy brain. Certain categories of fats keep our brains balanced by building blocks in them. The findings are before us that fats make approximately two thirds of our brain’s weight. Let’s know two major roles which fats play for the effective functioning of our brains:

Nutrition Is Helpful

Nutrition Is Helpful

•Membrane formation: Systematic protection of human brain is done through the double layered membrane made up of fatty acids which surrounds neurons to protect it from external wastes. Membranes are pivotal in keeping the brain function effectively. They keep vigil of entry of micronutrients, glucose and oxygen in it which proves best for it. • Protection: Made up of 30% protein and 70% fat, the protective sheath named Myelin covers up neurons.

Lots of efforts are required to keep brain healthy. We knew from the above mentioned guidelines that healthy brain needs different types of fatty acids. Our bodies produce some of them but we can gain much from diets. Fatty acids derived from diets are known ‘Essential Fatty Acids’. Some important fatty acids are mentioned below:• Alpha-linolenic Acid (ALA): Major components of ‘Omega 3 Fatty Acids’ are procured from ALA which can be have by eating various kinds of fish, nuts, seeds and vegetables. • Linolenic Acid (LA): ‘Omega 6 Fatty Acids’ have their important components in LA. Taking sunflower, corn and sesame oils are effective in getting them.

Two highly effective fatty acids Docosahegagonic Acid (DHA) and Arachidonic Acid (AA) respectively are prepared through regular intake of ALA and LA. It is done to keep the brain function systematically. As above mentioned acids are more complex than ALA and LA, they are crucial for the brain to perform complex roles. Its most important role is formation of membrane. Although our bodies produce DHA but it can also be directly gained from various diets. We must remain careful in it and shouldn’t forget to use possible means to procure them as lack of this effective acid might bring untoward circumstances. Balanced diet is necessary for this as it acts like a supplement of DHA.

The importance of DHA to proper brain function, and therefore also to the management of ADD-ADHD, can hardly be overstated. Studies have shown that a lack of DHA can be linked to:
• Depression
• Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases
• Cognitive Decline
• Hyperactivity Crucial role played by DHA for systematic functioning of brain and its effective role in managing ADD-ADHD cannot be ruled out. As per the research findings lack of DHA may lead to:
• Depression
• Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases
• Cognitive Decline
• Hyperactivity We cannot rule out excellent contribution of DHA in helping our brains function effectively. It is pivotal in the management of ADD-ADHD too. The research finding describes that lack of DHA results into:
• Depression
• Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases
• Cognitive Decline
• Hyperactivity

Why the above mentioned guidelines have negative results in our societies? An important reason of it is that our modern diets weaken fat values as they are hardly balanced. Hydrogenation process starts developing when natural fats are heated at extreme temperature. Resultantly the structure of fat molecules start altering badly and no naturalness remains in them. When such ‘trans-fatty acids’ developed in such manner enter into the nerve cells they don’t accommodate them as per their actual requirement due to forced deformation and not being developed like DHA. Its bitter effect is realized in the brain cells which become rigid due to trans-fatty acids. Ultimately they do miscommunication which lead to severe bad impact between particular neurons. The output of such diets turns worst as their extreme trans-fatty acidic elements enforce the brain to perform badly.

The implication of all of the above is that your fat intake should be geared towards increasing the availability of ‘good’ fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6 and ‘pure’ DHA) and the avoidance of trans-fatty acids as far as possible. The maintenance of Health levels of body fat is also very important. Some ‘fat management’ strategies include the following:
• Avoid Hydrogenated Fats: The most common impetus for the creation of trans-fatty acids is the hydrogenation that occurs when oils or fat is heated at extreme temperatures. Do your best therefore to avoid deep fried foods as well as oils and margarines created or ‘enhanced’ through hydrogenation.
• Make the ‘Omegas’ an essential part of your diet: The ‘essential fatty acids’ (ALA and LA) can be made a regular part of your diet through regularly eating foods that are good sources of them.

Examples include cold water fish (salmon, trout, mackerel and sardines) in the case of Omega 3 and primrose, borage as well as eggs and diary in the case of Omega 6.
• Supplement where necessary: It may be necessary to take a regular supplement containing ALA, LA or even ‘pure’ DHA if you are not getting sufficient quantities from your diet.
• Manage body fat levels: The brain is full of blood vessels supplying it with energy and keeping it cool. Excessive amounts of body fat will lead to these vessels, and therefore the brain, functioning well below par. Make sure therefore that you manage the fat in your diet and that you reduce body fat even further through regular exercise.

Normal Functioning Of Brain

Normal Functioning Of Brain

Scholars and researchers agree to the fact that there is a strong link between lack of DHA and ADD-ADHD. It is at this perspective that fats should be dealt with. It doesn’t make any sense you keep ignoring fats. Appropriate management of it by selecting diets which bust ADD-ADHD would be prudent.

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