Is your child struggling with ADD/ADHD ?

Is your child struggling with following the correct steps in their learning developmental stages? Have they been slower to reach the stages of motor skills? Have you found that their learning and academia has been skewered by the inability to have long concentration skills at an extended point in time or are they impulsive in their actions?

Or do you find their attention spans not being in the same boat as other children? Have you noticed that your child is still continuing to living in a fantasy world? Are they telling lies and stories far-fetched and some that sound like they could be real to get attention?

If, so then your child may have what is known as ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) or ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

Both ADD and ADHD are most commonly studied and diagnosed as a psychiatric disorder in children which an estimate of 4.7% living in America with ADD and ADHD. ADHD is more commonly found in males than females and more often than not their symptoms can be difficult to differentiate from other disorders.

Child Struggling with ADD/ADHD

Child Struggling with ADD/ADHD

How do I know if my child suffers from ADD or ADHD?

Many parents wonder how to tell whether their child has either ADD or ADHD.  Included below are some of the symptoms that have been listed by the US National Institute of Mental Health which can help to diagnose whether or not your child has ADD or ADHD.

  • They may become easily distracted, miss details, be forgetful and frequently switch from one task to another without completion.
  • Have difficulty maintaining attention on a single task
  • They may have difficulty and get frustrated when having to do homework or learning something new like washing the dishes, tidying their room.
  • They will develop a habit of losing things
  • They will seem distracted when you try  and talk to them
  • Struggle to follow instructions
  • Become fidgety and squirm in their seats which is a sign of boredom
  • They may come across as impatient
  • They may tell long stories and fantasy tales if you ask them questions like what did you do in the weekend?

Another way to tell if your child has ADD or ADHD is to hop online and take one of the many online-self tests which help to diagnose whether your child does fall into the two categories.

Some testing may be conducted in the form of a self-evaluation or a quiz that asks you questions about what you notice in yourself. These types of tests may ask you whether you notice a lack of focus while doing easy tasks, or whether you always get distracted while reading. It may ask questions about concentration and listening skills. However accurate your answers may be, these quizzes focus mainly on symptoms. If symptoms are present, test results simply conclude that “This person has ADD” or “This person has ADHD.”

From these results, you can move to the next step in talking and discussing with your doctor a medical treatment if you wish or some natural steps on how to overcome these disorders as like many Mental health issues, if you catch it in the early recognition stages with help as you age you will be cured and have it either under control or you might have simply grown out it.

One of the biggest things though about these disorders is not to get them confused with Autism Spectrum and Asperger’s syndrome, they do have similar qualities but unlike ADD and ADHD those who fall under the Autism/ Asperger’s spectrum cannot change their ways as it is their brain make-up however those with ADD and ADHD more often than not grow out of it with age and there is a wide variety of medication available to help to minimize some of the actions and symptoms of ADD and ADHD.

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